Protection for Your Luxury Surfaces



No Etching

No Staining

10 Year Warranty


OPAL PREMIUM, by Opal Luxury Surfaces, is a revolutionary product and process that protects Marble, Limestone and Travertine countertops from etching and staining when using lemons, red wine, vinegar,  and soy sauce, and many other similar products.  Stone etching occurs from these types of acid-based substances that we use in our homes every day. OPAL PREMIUM is the only product on the market to maintain the natural beauty of your stone and is guaranteed for 10 years.

If you have a countertop, like the one listed below in the "Before" image, that developed permanent etching and stains, the OPAL process will remove them and restore your surface to a finish that looks like the first day you had your countertops installed. And on top of that, protect the finish for years to come.




OPAL PREMIUM Spotlighted on ABC 4
"Good Things Utah"

OPAL PREMIUM Spotlighted on ABC 4
"Good Things Utah"

Application Process

Marble Restored to New

See the complete process from beginning to end for fully restoring marble countertops to their "better-than-new" look. OPAL is revolutionizing the protection of stone countertops.

What is Stone Etching?

And why should you be concerned...
Stone countertops that are marble, limestone and travertine are susceptible to stone etching. Etching is caused by acids that are left on the surface of the stone, typically from household items like wine, coffee, lipstick, vinegar, lemon juice and soy sauce. Over time the surface of your stone countertop becomes rough and dull from the etching process, and stains can seem to be permanent. If you do nothing with the etching and stains, your once beautiful marble, limestone or travertine will not show the deep colors and brilliant shine it once had when it was first installed.

Up until recently there was no solution for remedying the problem of stains and etching on these types of stone surfaces. There are some chemical cleaners and polishes that do offer a temporary solution, but not a long term solution.

Recently, a new state-of-the-art application and process was developed that restores marble, travertine and limestone to its original look. Some customers have said that it even looks better than when they first purchased their stone tops. This new process is called OPAL PREMIUM. With the OPAL application it restores your countertops to new and provides a long-lasting surface protection that will not etch or stain. And that is guaranteed for 10 years. Now that is protection that will give you peace of mind. Sold exclusively by Opal Luxury Surfaces.
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