Protection for Your Luxury Surfaces


Etching & Stains

Etching and Stains on Marble, Travertine and Limestone? Stone countertops come in a variety of types. All natural stone is unique and different. That is why it has been so popular with homeowners, having a one of a kind stone surface with beautiful colors and designs. But etching and stains can make a once beautiful surface dull and unappealing. What causes etching and stains?


Stone countertops like marble, travertine and onyx, although luxurious and beautiful, can become permanently etched. Etching is acidic damage to the surface of stone that contains calcium carbonate. (Like marble, travertine and Onyx) Etching causes a dullness to the stone that cannot be removed with normal cleaning agents - It requires a special polishing process. Up until now, this polishing process had to be done every couple of years to remove the dull marks caused by etching.



Stone countertops are porous, thus making them susceptible to staining. So when household liquids such as soda products, red wine, coffee or lemon juice, are spilt on this porous surface, they soak down into the stone, leaving a stained surface. These stains become permanent until they are removed through a technical process.

How to Protect Against Etching and Stains

Until recently, these types of stone surfaces had to be cleaned and polished every couple of years. Now there is a new product and process that will not only remove the etching and stains but protect the surface with a new protective coating that will last 10 years or more. It is called Opal Anti-Etch. It carries a 10 year warranty, and restores the surface to a beautiful, long-lasting shine.

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